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The Story of The Fabulous Wonder Mama!

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Where did she come from? What does she do? 

How did she become so fabulous?

The Fabulous Wonder Mama was born on the mystical, beautiful, Paradise Island - a magical island hidden away from the savagery of mankind!

Paradise Island is inhabited by a race of beautiful and fabulous super-queeroes who use their powers to spread the message of love, peace, and equality throughout the world and galaxy!

Many fabulous super-heroes have been trained on the island and have learnt their skills in super hero combat by the amazing ‘Glamazons’  who live there!

Wonder Mama (who you have all come to see on this website!) was hatched from a magical golden egg where she grew to become the most fabulous of all! She was trained from a young age and grew to be an outstanding super-hero using her powers to fight for good!

Being the beloved Aunty of the most famous and fiercest Amazon, Diana (also known as Wonder Woman!!), she trained her little niece in all aspects of being gorgeous and super-powerful at the same time! But most of all, Wonder Mama taught Diana to be loving and compassionate to all! Even to those less wonderful than herself!

For many years, Wonder Mama was a secret super-hero helping the world from danger when she was needed most!

And today, even though Wonder Mama is semi-retired, she is a global diplomat and glambassador on a mission to spread her message of love and equality throughout the world! In her magical invisible jet, she travels the galaxy being glorious and righting wrongs wherever they may exist! 

Wonder Mama loves to support the community and has appeared in many Sydney Mardi Gras Parades and community events such as the Marriage Equality Rally, Wear it Purple Day, Fair Day, and much more! She also travelled to New York City joining Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in representing Australia for World Pride 2023!

The Fabulous Wonder Mama inspires the world to be loving, compassionate and accepting of all people, races and species!

Peace and Love to All!

Defender of Love and Equality


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